Available in 4 versions, ProF2 is the optimal solution for the complete management of the companies producing windows. Versions, fully scalable with each other, allowing an easy upgrade of the product following the growth of your business.

ProF2 makes any form of window, in the fence, out of square or arched, in various materials such as aluminum, PVC, steel and aluminum-wood.

The CAD-based design environment allows the operator to choose which view to use when designing 2D and generate sections, nodes, or images of frames that can also be exported in DXF format.

sezione orizzontale

The 3D view shows the operator the details of the frame including the processes to be performed on the machine.

ProF2 calculates in real time and directly from the design, value Uw, check the list of cut glass and profiles and calculates the accessories even when they are managed in a parametric way or optional, all the while depending on the size and weight of the frame.

Warehouse Management and Order
Starting from a production batch with a simple click can manage the commitments and the material discharge from your warehouse. With the same ease you can manage orders with suppliers of material and subsequent reloading of stock.

ProF2 also lets you automatically store the pieces of profile generated from previous productions and make them available for future optimizations.

Performance and CE marking
A program in step with the times should also help the operator to comply with current regulations, and that is why an entire area of ProF2 is dedicated to the following operations:
– bounds checking Uw as a function of climate zone according to the rules currently in force
– production and Printing Documentation EC
– management and print production control plan FPC
– press statements of compliance for the purposes of tax deductions

The over 1000 different series of profiles already available make fast start-up ProF2 within your company. If requested FST develop more new archives profile or the user can easily add new profiles to its program.

Sales Management and Lists
ProF2 performs the analysis of the production costs of a window or of a job in a simple and accurate way, calculating necessary material in addition to the time needed for the realization of the frame.

The printing system allows the operator to choose between different presentation layouts both for internal use to correct for a detailed analysis of production costs and margins for both the end customer. Besides the ability to print what is displayed immediately on screen, the operator can also choose between different export formats such as: DOC, XLS or PDF.

ProF2 can create price lists in grid size and type setting for each step.

Production and optimization
An easy and comprehensive management of batch production allows ProF2 generate optimized cutting lists for sawing machines, or work lists for machining centers, welding, cleaning benches or assembly. ProF2 generates the bar code for the automatic recognition of the piece during the various phases of work.

A powerful algorithm allows the optimization of different lengths, the recovery of pieces or the search bar of optimal length to reduce the waste.

Features versions of ProF2: Open, Light, Standard, Professional OP LT ST PF
Guided construction of rectangular window types X X X X
2D CAD design process and real-scale drawings X X X X
Addition of transoms and mullions X X X X
Optimized cutting lists X X X X
Printouts and calculation of estimates and cutting lists X X X X
Analysis of production costs X X X X
Manual/automatic addition of dimensions X X X X
Mixed materials profiles (aluminium and wood, PVC, etc.) management X X X X
Accessories, optional accessories and parametric accessory groups management X X X X
Export quotations and list print-outs to MS Word™ X X X X
Export quotations and list print-outs to MS Word™ X X X X
Creation of cutting lists on floppy disk for sawing machines X X X X
Thermal Uw calculation X X X X
CAD view of typology junctions X X X X
Export junctions to DXF format X X X X
CE marking management X X X X
Customizable Factory Production Control management X X X X
Guided construction of 3/4/5 sides in irregular window types X X X
Addition of oblique transoms X X X
Open libraries with networking options X X X
Manual profile offcuts management X X X
Module for price list compilation X X X
Guided composition of typologies with arcs X X
Freehand composition of any shape including frames with curved sides X X
Profiles and accessories warehouse management and suppliers purchase orders X X
Automatic offcuts warehouse management X X
Print-outs of lists of curved elements X X
Advanced functions for the construction of window bands X X
Advanced optimization functions and optimum bar length research X X
Typology simulation with different profile systems X X
3D visualization of the typology X X
Integration with FOMCAM/ARESCAM X
Complete machining management X
3D visualization of the typology including the machinings X