Ø symmetrico sawblades
We may be in a «tight» situation as a country, under supervision, but that doesn’t mean that some of us stop having vision, enterprising, designing, research & developing and producing. After 40 years in the aluminium machines market and having the suitable knowhow we also aim at top quality solutions with sustainable results and future. That’s why we produced our «on demand» sawblades, which for five years now enjoy the trust of the greek market and achieve international standards and high production demands.
After these demanding tests for years, right on production, we are now ready to offer TOP QUALITY competitive European sawblades internationally, in best prices, and prove that Hellas (Greece) has this face also.
You can find all types, dimensions, technical features for all types of matterials, for all types of sawing machines and for all types of motors and rpms.
Hellenic industry for aluminium & pvc market can be the sustainable european alternative.
Provide your request with technical features (blade diameter, axis diameter, motor rpm, n. of teeth, matterial to be cut) and quantity, along with your complete data and we will update you with our full and best offer.
Thank you in advance!
First order OFFER 20% OFF
For 100 PCS 20% OFF