Double head sawing machine for iron with down-feed blades, motor driven mobile head movement and electropneumatic vertical axis positioning.
Working cut A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) KG
m.4 5650 1650 1800 1700
m.5 6650 1650 1800 1950
m.6 7650 1650 1800 2290
Overall size of mobile head roller table A + 3100
Technical Specifications
2 HSS blades, 350 mm , 2.5 mm thick, T3 Z=280 D.32 – for light tubular profiles and inox only
Vertical head sliding on prismatic guide-ways with recirculating ball slide
Oleopneumatic advance of tungsten carbide blades (adjustable blade exit speed – quick return)
Adjustable blade quick approach distance
Pneumatic head rotation from 90 to 45
Intermediate angles achieved using vernier and mechanical stops
Mobile head movement speed 20m/min
Pneumatic vices, 4 horizontal and 2 vertical with dual working pressure (low and high)
3 mt. mobile head roller table
Cooling system by emulsified oil
First head fixed, second head mobile with automatic positioning
Cutting down-feed simultaneous with motor start
Minimum cut between the two heads: 490 mm
Maximum cut between the two heads: 4000, 5000 or 6000 mm depending on version supplied
Working pressure: 7 bar
Saw blade tooth cleaning system with steel brushes
Large capacity swarf collection tank for easy collection
Blade motors, three-phase 2,2/1,4 Kw – eurovoltage 230/400V– 50Hz; 275/480V – 60 Hz.
Blade rotation speed 15/30/45/90 rpm selected with mechanical change
Air consumption per work cycle: 20 Nl (normal/litres)
Standard accessories
N Description
1 No. 2 saw blades Ø 350, thickness = 2.5, teeth no. 280 (code GP305670)
1 Double speed of blade rotation : 15/30/45/90 RPM
1 Blade safety guard.
1 Mobile head roller table (m.3)
1 Manual stop kit for under minimum size cuttings (installed on the fixed head)
Additional charge for special voltage and cycles
(Standard motor: 230/400 V three-phase 50 Hz and 110/230 V single phase 50 Hz)
Additional charge for plant version UL-CSA
Set of clamping supports no.2 (profile type to be specified)
Shim kit for jaw (shim 20)
Shim kit for jaw (shim 25)
Saw blade ø350T5, thickness =2.5, teeth no.220
(for heavy profiles)
Loading roller table with vertical rollers 400 (4.7 Mt cutting length)
Swarf conveyor belt – 4 Mt
Swarf conveyor belt – 5 Mt
Swarf conveyor belt – 6 Mt
Inclined conveyor belt
Optionals: SOFTWARE
Software licence for over size cuts
Software licence for glass and/or panel list.
Software licence for data transfer from office via floppy disk
Note: accessory compulsory only with PR-24494 and when the accessory ZB-79806 is not present
Software licence for the conversion of datas not generated by FOM programs
Software licence for automatic step-by step cutting with photocells barrier
Software licence for automatic step-by-step cutting with two-hand command key
Licence for MasterCut (office software)
Licence for software “Work” (Training course: Included)
Note: It is compulsory to buy the relevant file; included in the ProF2 price-list.
For the models “B” MasterCut is compulsory
Software licence for data transfer from office via cable (RS 232 serial line)
Label printing device
Note: the accessory ZB-78147 or ZB-79806 is compulsory
Paper roll for printing device (no. 800 labels)