NC Copy router
Numerically controlled copy router with -90°, 0, +90° section rotation for working on 3 sides

A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Kg
3200 1200 1800 900

Technical Specifications
Tool rotation inverter kit (1.000/12.000 rpm)
Spindle speed with inverter 1.000/1.200 rpm
Interpolating numerical control of machining movements on X and Y axes
Manual lever with adjustable stop rod for the Z axis
Electronic panel with graphic display to simplify program use and to program a working sequence on 3 faces
Preset for receiving a working program made up of p.c. in office with program Arescam
X axis movement with DC motor, high precision reduction unit and belt drive.Y axis movement with DC motor and recirculating ball screw transmission
Work table with pneumatic rotation from -90° to 0 to +90°
Work table height: 850 mm
Work table rotation in complete safety for operators thanks to the selector and the deadman push button control circuit
Horizontal pneumatic vices movable along the work table (n°4) with double (low and high) operating pressure with safety valves
Capability for machining intermediates angles with manually adjustable indexed stop
Manual tool change cone ISO 30 with tool collect for n° 5 cones in ergonomical position
Micro-drop lubrification system with pure oil
Tool diameter correction software compensates for sharpening
Milling sizes: X=2600, Y=250, Z=180
Three-phase motor: 1,85 kW – 2800 r.p.m. – 230/400V; 50 Hz
Working in complete safety thanks to the two deadman levers
Profile reference stops on right and left ends of the machine

Technical Specifications
Profile can be longer than X milling capacity (2600 mm) with the possibility of alternate use of stops on right and left of the machine
Working pressure: 7 bar
Air consumption per work cycle: 24 NL (normal litres)
Chip bin
Adjustable feet for machine location and anchor brackets
Set-up for the installation of fumes
Set-up for loading/unloading with shunter

Working Capacity

0° 0° +90° -90° 0° +90°
Maximum worktable profile on 1 side tith tool (diameter 10 mm) – 60 mm height Maximum worktable profile on 2 sides tith tool (diameter 10 mm) – 60 mm height Maximum worktable profile on 3 sides tith tool (diameter 10 mm) – 60 mm height

Maximum working capacity


Axis X Axis Y Axis Z
TRAVEL 1200 1800 900

SOFTWARE ARESCAM (on request):

ARESCAM is a CADCAM program, operating in Windows ambient, for the graphic designing of the machinings to be executed with the CNC ARES.

Technical Specifications:
2D graphic representation in CAD ambient of inserted bars and machinings
Guided introduction of the main machinings (hole, pocket, linear milling, arc, cylindrical hole)
Parametric machining management
Simplified management of machining process sequence
Tool archive management
Profile and tool archive that can be extended and managed by user
Management of machining prestored in archive (macro)
Module for the graphic designing in 3D ambient
Floppy disk for machine connection

Minimum system requirements for ARESCAM installation (not included):
Pentium 4 processor, 1 GHz or higher
256 MBytes RAM.
At least 10 GBytes free on Hard Disk.
Windows 2000 with Service Pack 2 and Internet Explorer 6 or Windows XP

Standard accessories
N Description
1 Diameter 10 mm single edge milling tool with 65 mm length (n°1)
1 Diameter 5 mm single edge milling tool with 38 mm length (n°1)
1 ISO30 cone (H50) collet holder
1 Diameter 8 mm ERG32 collet
1 Diameter 10 mm ERG32 collet
Compressed air gun with spiral hose (for machine cleaning)
Packing with heat-shrink plastic bag

ISO30 ERG32 H50 collet holder
Cooling system by emulsified oil with coolant recovery
Kit additional clamp
Milling bit 8 mm ø (no.1)
Milling bit 8 mm ø (no.1)
Software licence for office “ AresCam” program

Kit for the graphic designing in 3D for “ AresCam”
Note: Only with ZP 26865
Kit for the importation of datas for CNC by means of FOM protocol for
Note: Only with ZP 26865
Kit for the importation of datas for CNC by means of a non FOM’s protocol
Note: Only with ZP 26865
Bar-code optical reader
Additional charge for special voltage and cycle
(Standard motor 230/400V three-phase 50 Hz)
Additional charge for plant version UL-CSA (The additional charge includes motors with special voltage/measurements unit in inches)
Milling bit and collets for milling bits (see collets catalogue)

Optionals: PACKING
Carton packing
Crate packing

Carton pallet packing with heat-shrink plastic bag:

A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Kg
3200 1200 1800 900

Crate packing:

A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Kg
3500 1400 2050 1138

The specifications and illustrations in this technical sheet are only guideline, FomIndustrie therefore reserves the right to make any modifications it deems necessary for technical or commercial reasons at any time and without prior notification.