Doudle head cutting machine
Double head sawing machine with motorized movement of the mobile head, and electronic control of the head tilting.
Working cut A B C KG
m. 5 7.090 2.030 2.030 2.580
m. 6,6 8.730 2.030 2.030 2.720
Mobile head roller dimensions A+ 2.676
Technical Specifications
Cutting angles from 20° external to 45° internal through brushless motor and wormscrew with recirculating ball leadnut with electronic control of all degrees. 1/100 of a degree precision and repeatability
Oleopneumatic advance of tungsten carbide blades (adjustable blade exit speed – quick return)
Blade drive transmitted via belt and pulleys
Motori delle lame 5,5 kW, 230/400 V – 50 HZ
Ø40 mm saw blade holding spindle
First head fixed, second head mobile. Positioning is taken care of by a Brushless motor with decimal precision.
Minimum cut between the two heads: 270 mm with the use of the current program for under size cuts
Working cut available: 5000 and 6600 depending on the version
Cutting head tilted by means of wormscrew and recirculating ball scroll offering high precision, repeatability and long-term reliability
Screw diameter 32 mm, step 5 with 4 ball scroll circuits
N.4 horizontal vices which have a patented push system with a vertical component to guarantee contact with the machine horizontal table
N. 2 vertical vices inside blade, automatically excludible on internal angles between 45° and 70° and manually between 70°- 90° internal
3000 mm roller table mechanically integrated with the mobile head, with no need for guide extensions or rests outside the machine
Microdrop cutting lubrication using pure oil
Separate electrical and pneumatic cabinets, both placed for easy inspections
Set-up for the installation of chips and fumes collectors
Profiled, hardened and grinded steel surface plates
Membrane type keypad protected from chips and sawdust
Large capacity scraps collection tank for easy collection
Set up for the addition of the automatic scraps collection belt and the automatic chip collection belt
Cable-carrying chain to the console located inside the base. The possibility of breakage is reduced helping the operator during the bar loading and piece offloading operations

Technical Specifications
Pneumatic circuit mounted directly on the heads for increased speed and ease of calibrating the pneumatic parts regardless of machine length
Real time control of functions by CN
Working pressure 7 bar
Inspection/checking the blade condition with key switch control to avoid having to remove the side safety guard
N° 3 light indicators (on the heads and on the roller tables, one of which is buzzer) which warn when the machine is in operation
Rapid cluth tap for the easy connection and disconnection of the vertical vices

Cutting diagram

Standard accessories
N Description
2 ø 600 mm tungsten carbide saw blade
1 Cutting area guard kit
1 Movable head roller table (3 Mt.)
4 Horizontal vices inside blade
2 Vertical vices inside blade
Micro-drop pure oil blade lubrication system
Prearranged for installation of chip or smoke collectors
Licence for software ProCut (only E version)
First 12 months teleservice

Optionals C E
Kit external transformer for machines not set-up for standard voltage
(Standard motor from 380 to 460V three-phase 50/60 Hz and 110/230V single-phase 50/60 Hz)
Additional charge for plant version UL-CSA
(The additional charge includes the plant with cables and special components/measurement unit in inches)
Additional charge for electric cabinet cooling
Set of clamping supports (no.4) (profile type to be specified)
Fixed head roller table with vertical rolls, 3 Mt.
Fixed head roller table with vertical rolls, 4,2 Mt.
Receding intermediate profile support (no.1)
Note: specify if it must be positioned as 1° or 2° support
Kit of receding external profile support (LH) for machines with 5 Mt. cutting length (to be fixed on the floor outside the machine)
Kit of receding external profile support (LH) for machines with 6,6 Mt. cutting length
External vertical vice. (loading area) (nr.1)
Automatic profile height measuring device with lower mobile sensor+ vertical vice
Manual kit for under size cuts
Intermediate profile lifter roller kit (for head loading area)
Double speed kit for blade feeding + transducer kit for control of blade exit position
Transducer kit for control of blade exit position.
Note: included in kit for blade feeding

Optionals SOFTWARE C E
Software licence for special cut-off and profile bevel cut for 45° cuttings
Software licence for automatic step-by step cutting
Note: For CZ version
Software licence for automatic step-by step cutting with photocells barrier
Software licence for automatic step-by-step cutting with two-hand command key
Software licence for the conversion of data not generated by FOM programs. (see page 20)
Licence for software “Work” (Training course: Included) (see page 23)
Note: It is compulsory to buy the relevant file; included in the ProF2 price-list. n.d.
Licence for “Production” program
Teleservice contract for single machine
Label printing device
Paper roll for printing device; min. n. 10 pcs (58X35mm)
Paper roll for printing device; min. n. 10 pcs (100x36mm)

Description C E
Swarf conveyor belt – m. 5
Swarf conveyor belt – m. 6,6
Rear chip conveyor belt – m. 5
Rear chip conveyor belt – m. 6,6
Description C E
Inclined conveyor belt

Description C E
Crate packing m. 5
Crate packing m. 6,6

Working cut A B C KG
m. 5 7.650 1.750 2.150 2.780
m. 6,6 9.300 1.750 2.150 2.920

The specifications and illustrations in this technical sheet are only guideline, FomIndustrie therefore reserves the right to make any modifications it deems necessary for technical or commercial reasons at any time and without prior notification.