Roller table with manual length stop positioning by handwheel and electronic display of measurement.
Technical Specifications
Minimum cut 0 mm
Measurement reading by encoder
Positioning precision ± 0.5 mm
Loading capacity per linear metre: 3 Kg
Width of bar resting surface: 200 mm
Patented length stop with sliding surface under the work table, to give constant reference under all working conditions
Industrial type numerical control
Rear-illuminated alphanumeric display
Bar height save function with compensation for 45° cuts
Possibility of quick profile height correction due to extrusion and/or paint thickness tolerances
Length display
Calculator function

Standard accessories
N Description
Pneumatic stop locking
Loading capacity: Kg. 3 per meter
Belt-driven positioning
Carton packing

Additional roller for roller tables

Optionals: PACKING
Crate packing m. 3
Crate packing m. 4,2
Crate packing m. 4,2
Crate packing m. 6

A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Kg
m. 3 3.640 290 440 75
m. 4,2 4.860 290 440 102
m. 4,2 4.850 700 800
m. 6 6.640 290 440 176
Crate packing:

The specifications and illustrations in this technical sheet are only guideline, FomIndustrie therefore reserves the right to make any modifications it deems necessary for technical or commercial reasons at any time and without prior notification.