Dear professionals
Ø symmetrico is a new idea-attempt of ones Mr George Kasfikis and Mr Stavros Kasfikis, well-known and successful executives of company |GEMA with many years of presence and experience in the greek aluminium sector, especially in processing machinery and service.
Ø symmetrico is a project within |GEMA, with its support and reliability. Ø symmetrico’s mission is to be perfectly in line with the present peculiar reality and, through a flexible organization of low cost-high efficiency, understand the real needs and offer sustainable and reasonable solutions.
This new endeavour is followed by an open and flexible team of professional associates, authorized by |GEMA S.A. experienced in this business and in our principles, which can be developed accordingly.
Hoping to help actively and meaningfully.
| GEMA S.A. Ø symmetrico project | Alu & Pvc Machines, Service, Marketing

George Kasfikis, Stavros Kasfikis &  | Authorized associates