ProF2 web makes estimates on the web through a network of dealers and a set of parameter lists. The development of a quotation and order the product directly via the web.

Every dealer has a dedicated access with its own letterhead, customer registration, price lists and discounts enabled custom category.

ProF2web solves all problems of distribution and updating of price lists and validation of the tenders, enabling you to set validity checks for each item by checking the rules of construction, the size limits etc..

Confirmed orders are automatically turned into production orders.

Features ProF2 Web:

  • Creating quotes Web
  • Importing lists from ProF2 or Ms Excel ® spreadsheet
  • Managing lists for different products from the frame
  • Control of the technical constraints of the types
  • Management of admitted variations based on the parameters selected
  • Insertion of accessories and complementary products
  • Inserting the technical data for the order
  • Conversion budget in order
  • Export order for ProF2
  • Notification of the progress of your order by email
  • Managing user permissions and access expires
  • Rebates to dealer
  • Statistical surveys