Double-head sawing machine with motorised movement of the mobile head and electronic tilting of the heads.
Working cut A B C KG
m. 4 5700 2000 2010 1600
1660 vers. E
m. 5 6700 2000 2010 1900
1960 vers. E
m. 6,6 7340 2000 2010 2400
2460 vers. E
* Mobile head roller table A + 3000
(at max. cutting length)
Technical characteristics
Cutting angle from 22.5° outwards to 90° by DC motor with electronic control of each intermediate degree. 1/100 of a degree precision and repeatability
2 x tungsten carbide saw blades 550 mm with ø 32 mm hole
Hydraulic tungsten carbide saw blade feed (adjustable blade exit speed – quick return)
90°- 45°- 22.5° and intermediate angles obtained by DC motor with electronic control of each intermediate degree
Integral safety kit around cutting zone
N. 4 horizontal vices which have a patented push system with a vertical component to guarantee contact with the machine horizontal table
N. 2 vertical vices inside blade
Horizontal and vertical profile support surface in stainless steel
Mobile head roller table L=3000 mm
Microdrop lubrication with pure oil
Direct motor – tungsten-carbide saw blade transmission
First head fixed, second head mobile with automatic positioning. Positioning is taken care of by a Brushless motor with decimal precision
Minimum cutting capacity between the two heads: 370 mm (can be reduced with specific software)
Maximum cutting capacity between the two heads: 4000, 5000 or 6600 mm depending on the version supplied (can be increased with specific software)
Cutting head tilted by means of worms crew and recirculating ball scroll offering high precision, repeatability and long-term reliability.
Screw diameter 32 mm, step 5 with 4 ball scroll circuits
Electrical switchboard separated from the pneumatic one and with easy inspection
Set up for forced extraction of chips and fumes
Working pressure 7 bar
Technical characteristics
Real time control of functions by numerical control
Membrane-type control keyboard protected from dust and chips
Large size swarf collection box to allow easy collection
Set up to take conveyor belt for collecting offcuts and a motorised chips collection conveyor belt
Kit for discharging chips in the collection box or swarf belt (OPTIONAL)
Blade motors, three-phase 3HP (2.2 Kw) – 2800 rpm. Euro voltage 230/400V– 50Hz; 275/480V – 60 Hz
Cable-carrying chain to the console located inside the base. The possibility of breakage is reduced helping the operator during the bar loading and piece offloading operations
Inspection/checking the blade condition with key switch control to avoid having to remove the side safety guard
N° 3 flashing lights (on the heads and on the roller tables, one of which is buzzer) which warn when the machine is in operation
Accessories supplied
N Description
2 Tungsten carbide sawblade Ø 550 mm
Integral safety kit around cutting zone
1 Mobile head roller table (3 mt.)
Vertical (2) and horizontal (3) vices
Microdrop lubrication with pure oil
Set up for forced extraction of chips and fumes
ProCut software licence (only for E version)
Optional accessories
Description 550 C 550 E
Additional charge for special voltage and cycles
(Standard motor: 230/(380÷480)V three-phase 50/60 Hz and 110/230V single-phase (50/60Hz)
External transformer kit for machines with non standard Infeed area (for machines already manufactured)
Additional charge for UL-CSA version system
(The additional charge includes the plant with cables and special components/measurement unit in inches)
Additional charge for electrical cabinet cooling system
Profile clamp (specify type of profile when ordering) x 3
Supplementary horizontal vice kit
Roller table with vertical rollers 3m Fixed head
Roller table with vertical rollers 4.2m Fixed head
Retractable pneumatic intermediate profile support. (Q.ty 1)
State whether to be positioned as 1st or 2nd support
Retractable external profile support kit (Left) for machine with 4-5 m working cut (floor fixing outside machine)
Retractable external profile support (Left) for 6.6 m machine
Additional charge for profile height measuring device
Manual kit for under-sized cuts
Profile raising roller kit
Software licence for program for special length cuts (over and under size and super undersize) and 45° trim cut
Software licence for program for converting data not generated by FOM programs
Software licence for program for step-by-step cutting, with photocell safety barrier
Note: Purchase of the supplementary horizontal vice kit is compulsory