15 touch-screen
Starting from September 2013, machines produced by FOM Industrie will be fitted with a new control console equipped with the latest generation 15″ touch-screen. The touch-screen revolution involves the entire range of FOM work centres and includes the double-head sawing machines: Keope, Blitz60, Blitz55, Blitz50 and Alva550. The constant attention paid to new technologies and the extensive research and development work carried out by Fom Industrie engineers have resulted in the introduction of this important innovation, and one that does not affect the prices of the machines involved. The advantages introduced by the new console and touch-screen panel are numerous and include:

1- Innovation: representing a new way of working using a modern and captivating graphic interface. You can operate the machine as if you were using your own favourite smartphone or tablet.

2- Easy to use: user-friendly interface that allows an on-screen object or command to be touched and activated directly with one finger. A quicker and more natural way of interacting than with the traditional input devices (mouse and keyboard).

3- Satisfying: just one touch is all it takes to perform an action or movement with immediate visual feedback. You will be amazed at the inspiring displays resulting from simple hand movements.

Join Fom industrie in a new era and ….touch the future!